Here are some things I've been reading/listening to/thinking about

Limetown - I’m probably the last person to get on the Limetown train, but it’s been helping me escape after some pretty stressful days at work.

Kelly Link, certified genius! This news made me irrationally happy. It couldn’t happen to a kinder or more deserving person.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - I watched all four episodes last weekend in a rush of heart-warmth and gratitude to Samin Nosrat for filling the Anthony Bourdain-shaped wallow I’ve been in without realizing it.

Skate Kitchen - To be perfectly honest, my main motivation for seeing this movie was how amazing New York City looked in the trailer. And it did relieve my homesickness a bit, but mostly I now feel like DINGBAT for not realizing that the Skate Kitchen is a real Instagram run by those very people who were so amazing in the movie playing lightly fictionalized versions of themselves! Please see it. Even Jayden Smith was good, and I generally don’t understand him.

Neverworld Wake - I burned through this book in less than a week and it had Marisha Pessl’s signature slightly creepy mystery style, which is extra bonus this time of year.