The Grave Keepers

Praise for The Grave Keepers

“A  lyrical and gorgeously uncanny coming of age story of incantatory power.” - Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble and Magic for Beginners

"At times deeply atmospheric and darkly haunting, The Grave Keepers takes us on a spine-tingling journey into a world much like our own, where more lies beneath than above." - Mindy McGinnis, Edgar Award-winning author of A Madness So Discreet

"An odd and lovely story with magical realistic touches." - Melissa Albert, author of The Hazel Wood

"Gothic surrealism as everlasting as a ghost's kiss blends with coming-of-age angst for the modern age...Byrne's masterful presentation of minute details makes the whole ritual world feel so real readers will want to Google it." - Kirkus Reviews 

"While the premise alone is enough to give you goosebumps, it’s the outside world that intrudes upon the quiet life of the sisters, raised in relative seclusion by their cemetery owner parents. Well, and the scheming ghost. The scheming ghost is pretty intrusive, too." - BN Teen blog, in a list of "6 YA Books Set in Spooky Small Towns"

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The Grave Keepers

Lately, sixteen-year-old Athena Windham has been spending all her spare time in her grave.

Her parents—owners of a cemetery in Upstate New York—are proud of her devoutness, but her thirteen-year-old sister, Laurel, can’t understand it. Laurel hates her own grave. It’s so boring and chilly down there. She’d rather spend her time exploring the acres and acres of state forest that surround the Windhams’ property.

The Windham girls lead pretty secluded lives—their older sister died in a tragic accident the year before Laurel was born, and their parents’ protectiveness has made the family semi-infamous in their small town.

As the new school year begins, the outside world comes creeping in. Athena—a professional high school loner—grapples with a newfound enemy and, even more surprising, her first best friend. And homeschooled Laurel, sheltered and shy, finds herself face-to-face with a runaway boy who’s hiding out in an abandoned grave.

All the while, a ghost hangs around the Windham house and cemetery—the only grave keeper never to cross over, as far as she knows—messing with people’s graves, turning the Windhams’ lights off and on, spying on the sisters, and plotting how to keep the girls close to home and close to her . . . forever.